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When writing a sample college essay, you need to not only showcase your writing skills. You should be able to write an essay that brings out your skills in reading and analytics skills as in the case of a sat essay.

How to write a sat essay sample

In order to ensure that you are paper writing service a quality essay, you need to make sure that you are following the procedure required. Below is an example of a short sat essay.

In “Let there be dark,” Paul Bogard talks about the importance of darkness.

Bogard states this; “darkness is of great essential to human beings”, “Darkness is needed in our bodies in order to produce the melatonin hormone which prevents certain cancers, and in order to sleep, our bodies need darkness. Diabetes, obesity and depression are some of the conditions that have been linked to sleep diorders.” Working at night or taking tablets to keep us awake does not take the place of darkness or the fact that it remains essential for our bodies.” (Bogard 2). Borgard simply explains tha importance of darkness to the human body and the fact that without it, the body loses its normal functioning.

Darkness is also important to animals and they need it. Bogard states, “The whole world and everything in in including creatures on land, in the air and in water depend on it. The 400 species of birds in the North America that migrate at night, turtles in the sea and bats survive this way because of the presence of darkness. Light pollution acts as the greatest enemy of the night or darkness, it disrupts plant and marine life which would have been the result of billions in the years to come. The ecology of the earth would simply not survive without the presence of darkness…” (Bogard 2). What Bogard explains here is that the survival of animals is also tied to the presence of darkness.

Factors to consider when writing a sat sample essay

In order to ensure that your sat essay is quality, consider a few important factors such as;

Understand the style needed

Any important sample essay needs to follow the correct writing style. This means that you need to check and understand the instruction to ensure that you are writing as is supposed to be written. Failure to do this may cost you marks that you are looking for.

Be specific

When writing an essay outline sample, make sure that you are not taking your reader in circles. Every point needs to be well explained. If you need to use figures, ensure that the calculations are done correctly to avoid missing the quantitative bit of the essay.

Experiencing challenges while writing an essay sample such as the sat essay is sometimes inevitable. You can always get assistance from a custom writing service. Their availability is 24 hours and if you are working with strict deadlines, they allow you submit your essay in time.